WHAT IS RaptureX Gaming?

RaptureX Gaming (formerly RaptureX Gaming) was founded in July of 2020. It is a dedicated GTA V FiveM roleplay community based in Australia.

The RaptureX Gaming community thrives in positivity and equality to all members of the roleplay community with a goal of creating one of the best place’s to roleplay your character in a creative enviroment. The RaptureX Gaming community pride ourselves on a friendly, fun and safe community for all it’s members, with community members of all walks of life in our community no person is left out of the roleplay and can enjoy a welcoming environment.

RaptureX staff are committed to engaging with the community and guiding each community member throughout their roleplay experience. Staff members are chosen based on their real life experiences and their extensive knowledge and time dedicated to the server. This means you don’t just get thrown into the deep end, you get people with experience and appreciation towards the community. The staff take their time to ensure that each person has a postive experience and most importantly are always serious and willing to improve the community based on constructive feedback.

Community members from time can also find themselves being engaged in creative avenues in and out of the actual server city. Mentor and creative opportunities are regular within the community, as the staff and community members are often sharing trade secrets and enlisting the help of others to create amazing and unique content for the community.

Whilst RaptureX Gaming takes roleplay seriously, that doesn’t mean you can’t join our community without any prior experience. We welcome all new community members fresh and experienced.